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Incoming 6th Grade Information

Incoming 6th Grade Information




GRADE LEVEL MATH: grade level math is offered in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and students are expected to cover Common Core grade-level standards at a normal instructional pace.

ADVANCED MATH: Advanced math is offered in 6th grade only. Advanced math covers the same amount of material as the grade level 6th grade math class, but the advanced class digs deeper into the curriculum and has more rigorous learning activities.

ACCELERATED MATH: Accelerated math is offered in 7th and 8th . In these courses, students study a compacted curriculum at an advanced level. Students in accelerated math will learn Common Core standards that cover one and a half years of math. Teachers plan vertically to ensure that all standards for sixth through eighth grades are covered comprehensively with rigor and to avoid duplication of teaching standards already mastered. Students in accelerated math work on Common Core math standards at a fast pace, while also digging deeper into the curriculum and tackling rigorous learning activities.

*Students MUST BE in accelerated 7th grade math in order to take 8th grade accelerated math. *Students DO NOT need to be in advanced 6th grade math in order to take 7th grade accelerated.