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Please use this form to your report your student's absence, early pick up, or late arrival to school:

AOMS Attendance Form

Excused absences are granted for illness, mental or behavioral health, quarantine from the health dept., doctor/dental appointments, funerals for immediate family members, court appearances, cultural ceremonies or events, or specific religious holidays. All other types of absences are unexcused. A note requesting an excused absence for a religious holiday is required at least two days in advance. (Ed Code 48205)

Unexcused absences include vacation, personal, family or business emergencies, and personal days. Unexcused absences accrue and, by law, the third unexcused absence is identified as truancy. Students with truancies may be subject to disciplinary action and may be taken to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Under state law, a student who, without a valid excuse, is absent from school for three full days in one school year, OR is tardy or absent for more than 30 minutes during the school day in one school year, is considered truant.


If you need to pick your student up early, please send in a signed note with your student to bring to the attendance office. We'll give a pass directly to your student.  If you don't send a note with your child, please complete the Attendance Form as early in the day as possible and we'll send a pass to your student.

On the note or in the form, please include your student's name, grade,  the reason for leaving early, the time they will need to be in the front office, the name of the person picking the student up, and whether or not the student will be returning to school that same day.

When you arrive at school to pick your student up, please come to the attendance desk to sign them out. You will need your driver's license. Only adults (18+) listed on the student's emergency contact list may pick up a student from school.

If your student is late to school, please come into the front office to sign your student into school and your student will receive a pass to class.

Consequences for tardies:

  • 1 Unexcused Tardy = Warning
  • 2 Unexcused Tardies = Warning + Reflection Form
  • 3 Unexcused Tardies = Parent Notification + ½ Hour Detention
  • 4 Unexcused Tardies = Parent Notification + 1 Hour Detention
  • 5 Unexcused Tardies = Referral to Assistant Principal + Progressive Consequences

Violations for truancy will result in similar interventions, but will be implemented at a faster rate and may include a review by the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).


For any attendance questions, please contact:
760-331-6189 (please do not leave attendance calls on this line)

Leave absence reasons here: 760-331-6170 (Include Last name, First Name, Grade, Date absent and Reason for absence)


Atthendance Matters, All Day, Every Day


Absences Add Up