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The Camp Page 2024

The Camp Page 2024

6th Grade Camp is a week-long, outdoor education program offered by the YMCA.  As part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, students will become fully immersed in the hands-on science curriculum, building community with peers and staff, and participating in fun new activities.  AOMS will be participating in Camp again this year.  Camp will be held the week of September 30 through October 4. Should you have additional questions, please contact Assistant Principal, Sam Eshelman at: (760) 331-6198 or


1. When is 6th Grade Camp?

6th Grade Camp is a year-round program run by the YMCA  This year, AOMS is scheduled to attend camp the week of September 30 through October 4.  The deadline to sign up is September 20.

2. Who goes to 6th Grade Camp?

The simple answer:  AOMS 6th-grade students.  In addition, some of our AOMS teaching staff will be attending camp.

3. Does 6th Grade Camp cost money?

Based on transportation, room/board, food, and the like, there is a cost of $450 per student.  Families can contribute via cash or check at AOMS, or online through the AOMS Webstore.  This process begins at 6th-grade registration for the 2024-2025 school year in August.  No student will be denied the opportunity to attend camp due to an inability to pay.  For financial aid information, please contact Sam Eshelman at (760) 331-6198.

4. My student has _________________ (allergies, health concerns, special condition) How do I communicate that to the camp?

Students with specific medical concerns should complete the Medication Authorization form and/or the Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations form (included in the 6th-grade camp packet).  In addition, our school Health Technician will be in communication with the RN Nurse at Camp Marston about specific cases.  Should you have additional questions regarding health concerns, please contact the AOMS Health Technician, Becky Rawlings at (760) 331-6190.

5. Will my student be able to choose who they are in a cabin?

Due to the size of our 6th-grade group and the logistics involved with sending our students to camp, we are not able to accommodate specific cabin requests.  Likewise, Camp Marston does not allow schools to submit cabin requests.  In addition, one of the primary goals of the camp experience is for students to forge new friendships and relationships with students whom they might not normally spend time with on campus.  

6.  How will my student make up for the week of school that they missed?

Since Camp Marston is an approved outdoor education program offered by the YMCA, it is fundamentally focused on providing meaningful, standards-based science instruction for students.  So, rather than missing a week of school, students are afforded a unique, hands-on curriculum based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core Standards.  In addition, since AOMS participates in 6th-grade camp each year, our teachers have planned their curriculum around our 6th-grade camp week.  6th-grade students who attend camp will not "miss" any instruction.

7.  What if my student chooses not to attend camp? Do they need to come to school still?

Historically, most AOMS students choose to participate in 6th-grade camp.  However, each year, and for a variety of different reasons, some students do not attend camp.  Those students that do not attend camp will be grouped into a rotation schedule with the remaining 6th-grade students and will be participating in extension and enrichment activities related to the 6th-grade curriculum - including projects and science experiments.  6th-grade students who do not attend 6th-grade camp should plan on attending school at AOMS each day. 


8.  Who will be responsible for my student up at camp?  What qualifications does the camp staff have?

As a function of the YMCA, all camp staff are fingerprinted and must hold the same certificates and credentials as the teachers and staff of AOMS.  Similarly, the camp is run in much the same way as a school - including a camp principal, teachers (counselors), health professionals, food service workers, etc.  AOMS teachers will also be attending camp to support and connect with students during this fun time.  Students will be under the direction of the camp principal and the camp staff and will be supported at times by AOMS teachers in attendance.

9.  What about facilities?  Are students separated by gender?

Each "cabin" at camp is divided into several "dens" or rooms that hold up to 18 students.  The "dens" all open onto a centralized common room for the members of each cabin to congregate to play board games, talk, etc.  Each cabin (and its respective dens) is gender-specific (either boys or girls) and is supervised by a camp staff member of the same sex.  Students spend the majority of their days outside of the cabin - on hikes, involved in activities, sharing meals, etc.  As such, students spend very little time in the cabins except to sleep.  Each cabin has its own attached restroom and shower facilities.  

10.  Can my student bring _________________?

Students are encouraged to utilize the packing list provided as part of the 6th-grade camp packet.  Students should abide by school rules in terms of what they bring - no knives or weapons, no fireworks, no inappropriate clothing, etc.  In addition, Camp Marston does not allow any electronics (cellphones, video games, etc.) that need to be plugged in to charge.  Also, due to the wildlife in the area, they also do not allow students to bring food - especially candy - from home.  

11.  How can I get in contact with my student at camp, especially if they aren't allowed to take a cellphone?

Camp Marston does not have any cellphone reception, so, even if students were able to bring phones, they would not be accessible by cellphone.  If you need to contact your child for an emergency reason, please contact the Camp Marston main line.  We encourage you to write your student letters (be sure to send them the weekend prior to camp to make sure they get them). Likewise, some parents prefer to write letters and place them in students' luggage for them to read during the week.

12.  What health and safety measures will be in place due to the Pandemic?

Camp Marston has been open and running all this year.  They have a solid operating plan that is in tune with CDC and CPHS guidelines.  They are limiting camp capacities by half of normal, putting students in cohorts when indoors, and have frequent monitoring of participants' health.  They will merge this plan with CUSD guidelines as well. 

Please use the links on the left to find out more information Have another question that we didn't answer? Please contact Assistant Principal Sam Eshelman.


Return the following forms to the AOMS Health Office Friday, September 20, 2024.

To make a payment for camp, you may pay in the front office by check (made out to "AOMS - ASB"), cash, or card, or pay online at the AOMS Webstore

Financial Assistance Questions?
Ask Assistant Principal Sam Eshelman

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