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AOMS Homework Policy

AOMS Homework Policy

We frequently receive questions about the appropriate scope and amount of homework for students at the middle school level.  Homework can be a valuable part of student growth but we also recognize that we want our students to have a healthy school-home balance that is not overwhelmed by homework outside of school hours.

To that end, students in 6th grade should have approximately 5 hours of homework per week, in 7th grade 5-6 hours, and in 8th grade 6-7 hours.  Different students may take more or less time to complete the same volume of work, and if you notice your student taking an excessive amount of time to complete the homework you are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate teacher(s) to discuss and strategize.  Homework information is posted in class and/or on School Loop.  Homework may serve several purposes including skill reinforcement, introduction to material that will be worked on in class, writing, reading, or project development.  

For work missed during an excused absence, students will have the same number of days as the absence to complete and turn in the work.  Make-up work is the responsibility of the student, and students should reach out to teachers via School Loop or in person as soon as they return to school to ensure that work is completed in a timely manner.  After an excused absence, students should also follow up directly with teachers to determine how to make up missed classwork, quizzes, or tests.  

Policies on late work vary by grade level and/or teacher and students should refer directly to the course syllabus for this information.  

In order to help students with homework, parents should:

  • Provide a regular time and place to complete homework
  • Help the student develop an effective organizational system
  • Encourage and motivate, but do not sit with your student to do homework or do their homework for them.  Students should practice and use the skills that they are learning in class and sometimes may hit challenges that they should try to overcome.  If your student is regularly taking excessive time or is not able to complete homework, please contact the teacher

Thank you for your support!