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Technology Organization Tips

The following resources can help you stay organized using technology!


Video: Using Google Calendar as a Student Planner

Watch this video to learn the basics of Google Classroom and how to add assignments


Video: Google Classroom Integration with Google Calendar

Watch this video to learn how Google Classroom integrates with Google Calendar

CUSD Acceptable Use Policy & AOMS Acceptable Use Addendum

We are fortunate to be part of an exciting pilot program utilizing state-of-the-art technology tools with Google Apps for Education.  As such, all students wishing to utilize this exciting technology must have a completed Carlsbad Unified School District Acceptable Use Policy and an Aviara Oaks Middle School Acceptable Use Addendum agreement on file at AOMS.  Copies of each can be found below.


Carlsbad Unified School District Acceptable Use Policy


Aviara Oaks Middle School Acceptable Use Addendum




AOMS is a proud Google Apps for Education School


Aviara Oaks Middle School is a proud partner of Google Apps for Education.  Utilizing the latest tablet and Chromebook technology, in conjunction with the Google Apps for Education suite of tools, students are able to collaborate in relevant and innovative ways in real-time. This collaboration provides students meaningful opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom.


Free Typing Games

One site with seven arcade-style games to practice speed and accuracy.  Some of the games (Martian Defender, for example) allow you to set difficulty levels like "home row only" for beginners.  Notes: Pop up and banner ads can be distracting.


ABC Type     

Drag the letters onto the correct keys of a blank keyboard.


Peter’s Online Typing Course

These 18 lessons include ergonomics, letters, numbers, and punctuation.  Feedback on speed and accuracy is provided.  Color cues serve as reminders of correct fingering.


A well-organized sequence of lessons covering letters, numbers and punctuation.  The striped lines of practice make it easier to track and keep one's place.  Errors and words per minute are reported after each lesson.


Touch Typing     
This web site provides keyboarding instruction using the languages and keyboard layouts of 15 different countries.  The practice bar scrolls and the background color is adjustable.  Another unique feature is the ability to type or paste any text into the practice window, and to have that text become the scrolling practice.  Try this week's vocabulary or spelling words and practice keyboarding and spelling at the same time!


DanceMat Typing     
This highly animated set of lessons with four levels of difficulty includes auditory directions for finger placement and each step of the lesson. There is a link (upper left) to a "text only" version which is screen reader friendly for visually impaired users.  Note:  This is from the BBC, and the narrator has a Scottish accent. 


All the Touch Typing Tutors
This site provides a list of many freeware (free, but may require registration), shareware (usually a small fee to download), and online typing practice activities.